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I’m not one to write many posts, as I am and have been dealing with some health challenges, in between trying to get my writing career on the move. My blog page, as you know surrounds health, yoga and writing. This time, I felt inspired to compile a little something on health, as when I blog, I often find people expressing concerns about their physical, mental, emotional or spiritual health. I had featured some few tips in that regard, but here I share something from a more deeper perspective.

Recently, I came across an interesting TV channel called Wellbeing Network, on which different people tell of their stories of how they overcame their health challenges, when they were at death’s door or given a death sentence from their prognosis. These are cases where people with chronic, debilitating, harrowing, life-threatening illness triumphed over their health and prove their prognosis wrong. Anything from being told they will not walk again or they have few weeks to live because of something like cancer.

What did they do? They turned to alternative treatments and therapies, when they found that conventional ones have failed them. The Wellbeing Network channel provides everything you need to regain your health, maintain it or give tools to help prevent diseases. You can access it via Sky TV #252 in the UK, featuring real life cases or online for those abroad. It was launched in January 2016 and focuses completely on health and wellness. It curates some of the best documentaries around the world I have ever seen. The ones I found inspiring are ‘Incurables’ and ‘Yogi Cameron.’

You will learn about all manner of illnesses and how people adopt different protocols to help them regain their health. We are often made to feel we have no way out or that we have to accept a prognosis and cry our way to the grave. On the TV channel you will gain insight into how people took their health into their own hands and find alternative means to recover, often back to better health than when they fell ill. It meant they had to make drastic changes to their lifestyle and diet, because you see, we can’t live the wrong way or eat the wrong things and keep hoping for a better result each time.

There is hope yet, even for cases where even I as an ardent believer in alternative health, would think that there is no cure for illnesses like MS or IBM or people at deaths door with multiple cancer tumours. The message from those documentaries, is not to give up, even when it seems there is no light at the end of a dark and painful tunnel. You will be surprised at how something as simple as changing your diet, can dissipate terminal illness, like 4th stage cancer. View the videos on this link on how you can reverse all types of cancers:


Yogi Cameron (who you can also find on facebook or his website) deals with general overall health conditions, while The Incurables (hosted by Don Wildman) deals with more severe and life threatening illness. You can find the episodes on Youtube. Both offer invaluable tools and tips on health and you will come across highly skilled specialists and learn of the science behind health. How you can incorporate both conventional and alternative therapies or simply just focus on an alternative one, if conventional doesn’t help. I was inspired and given hope and I hope it will do the same for you.

Wishing you good health and wellbeing.

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Guest post by B.T.Lowry


My dear India,

I’ve been meaning to write this letter for a long time. Don’t be alarmed. I still love you. But there are things I need to tell you, if this relationship is going to work out. You might not change. That’s up to you.

My words may sound pretentious and judgmental. So be it. But I need you to hear me.

Ever since I heard of you, I wanted to meet you. The way your people dress, with their colorful robes and swirling turbans. Their amazing cooking, with cone-shaped towers of powders—reds and yellows, sizzled into the juices of a subji. Or seeds of cumin mixed among cauliflower-parathas. Your amazing life and history, with philosopher kings and queens roaming your lands, bowing down to sages giving divine benedictions. Incarnations of gods and God have brushed their feet over your grasses. Green fields burst with bounties in your south, while the world’s tallest mountains form your crown in the north. Even as a child, some part of me always knew that when I wanted to learn what the deal was, spiritually speaking, I would go to you. Once I was done playing (I’m still not that serious).

In my teens, I finally met you.

At first I understood so little about you, although I was entranced by the incredible diversity of people, conceptions, and ways of life, all coexisting in you. I came to you mostly as a tourist. Over the decades I have come to know you a little better, though your every nook and cranny still holds mystery for me.

I’ve also been frustrated with you, yelled and cursed at your people for following a way of life not their own. For taking up the technology, infrastructure, fashions and media of materialistic cultures, without taking a moment to consider their benefits and demerits. Why should a man wear pants, socks, shoes and a shirt in a tropical climate? Why should those from a deeply spiritual culture emulate others?

Has modern Western culture been good for the West? The family unit has broken down. The environment is in tatters. People are depressed and angry. The bubble of those wealthy countries looks so sparkling and enticing to you, doesn’t it? Your people feel yourselves poor. But how long until that bubble pops? Your culture lasted thousands and thousands of years. America is only a few hundred years old, and already it’s falling apart. Why follow them? Your culture is old and deep. Why imitate gangs of youngsters still learning their way?

There are some more practical things I’d like to address as well. It’s important in a relationship to feel heard, and I need you to hear these things.


Why can’t your people drive in any kind of sensible way? They’ve adopted cars, which are a deeply flawed invention. But as long as they have them, why not adopt a logical system for traffic as well? High beams should be used when there is no oncoming traffic, otherwise you’ll blind them. Your turn signals are there for a reason. Dots in the middle of the road are there for a reason. You’ve chosen to have vehicles drive along the left side of the road, like in England. Why not stick to that? In a working traffic system, drivers hardly need to use their horns at all. They’re really for emergencies. In most countries, you could be in traffic for an entire day and not hear a single horn sounded. Can you imagine how much more peaceful that would be? The noise on your streets has made your people half-deaf.

Your traffic system runs in the same way as your country: impulsively and selfishly. No one has any faith in following a set of rules, to lead for a better outcome for everyone. “I want to go into that gap between two stuck cars right now, and I don’t care if it causes a traffic jam for two hours. I don’t even care if I’m in that jam. I want to go into that gap now.” This is how people think within your traffic, and this is how they think in business, the police force, and the government. Everywhere. “Never mind the greater good. I want what I want now.”

For God’s sake, clean the place up. There’s plastic everywhere. Plastic is not like ordinary waste. It’s a very, very stupid invention. To make something which lasts practically forever, and then manufacture it to be used once. You can’t dispose of it like you would normal waste. It’s making your country into a landfill. Actually the solution in the West isn’t any better; people waste far more, then hide it in holes in the ground for their children and grandchildren to deal with.

It’s really better not to use plastic at all. Some of your states have banned plastic bags. That is SUCH a good idea, and a beacon of good sense for the entire world. Yes, you can be a leader in the world. You are in many ways already.

Yet you’ve taken these things from the West without learning how to use them. In fact, these things were made in such a shortsighted way that it is hardly possible to use them well.

But these are my quibbles. In any relationship, there are things that will bug the other party. Bhagavan knows that I’m far from perfect.

These aren’t the things which really pain me about you. What pains me is to see you losing your deep and wonderful ways to stupid and superficial ‘culture’. What pains me is to see so-called holy men taking advantage of the general goodwill, naivety and respect that your people have toward men in saffron. Foreigners come with this naive respect as well, and they’re also taken advantage of. It hurts me to see your young people wearing T-shirts of dumb-ass heavy-metal bands which are already out of style in America, instead of dressing in the beautiful and meaningful clothes of their ancestors. It hurts me to see your people’s intelligence sucker-punched by the British education system, so that they think their own culture to be backward, while considering a shortsighted, spiritually blind, selfish consumer society to be the bees’ knees.

If you didn’t have much potential, all this wouldn’t bother me. I wouldn’t expect a crow to become a lion. But you could be so much more, and the gap between what you are and what you could be, is excruciating.

Oh India, you are more wealthy than anyone I know. Please, please, please, recognize this wealth and share it with the world. Who cares if your IT sector improves? Who cares whether your infrastructure catches up with the west? You are just serving foreign companies who are raping the earth. You were meant to serve gods and sages, not greedy corporations. Explore your own culture and resources. Protect the cows and land. Honor the real sadhus. Honor your holy books.

Think for yourselves.

Because I need your help. We all do.

me B.T. Lowry fell in love with India about twenty years ago, and has been in a troubled relationship with her ever since. He is a storyteller and filmmaker. While Tolkien and others rooted their Epic Fantasy rooted in Europe, B.T. Lowry roots his in ancient and modern India.

For free short stories and videos, check out my page http://www.storypaths.net.


Sattvic Health Tips And Know-Hows

My third book now live online amazon UK and US, createspace etc. Unfortunately, there is no kindle version of this book, as kindle tends to shrink books, which would only misrepresent the hard copy.

Front cover

Everything I know about health, including hidden secrets about food and many health tips, captured in this book. Some simple unique recipes are featured in the second half as well, among other things. Photos and illustrations, throughout. Those who have not seen the previous introduction and sample page, my view below in recent posts. Thank you.

Wishing you good health and well-being. Feel invited to ask any questions regarding the contents.

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Revamp of my first two books

A post of few words, simply to introduce a relaunch of my first two books.

First book jacket     Second book jacket

Inspirational books that leads to self-development, life transformation and healing. Mind, body and spirit, reflection on life, family issues and karma.

Available now on amazon UK and US at cheaper prices. Featured on kindle, createspace and now on extended platforms of online books shops etc.. My third book on health will be out by the end of October. Excerpts/introductions for all three, are found under ‘categories’ or ‘recent posts.’ Will be grateful for any reviews, if you happen to buy one of my books.

Thanks for viewing. Many blessings 🙂

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Introduction to my third book, out soon

Sattvic Health Tips and Know-hows

For Body, Mind, Soul


Firstly, I present the requisite disclaimer in tacit bold letters, that I am not a medical or health professional, as we know it. I am, however, an advocate for healthy lifestyle and therefore what I share in my coming book, are collections of tried and tested home remedies, summaries of advice I’ve received from medical and alternative health professionals and that of my own research spanning well over a two decades. Therefore, this book reflects largely how I live my life and my own personal experience with the contents, having grown up with a lot of things; such that, if there was to be no more internet, medical or health books, I would still be able to draw from my own inner resources, as the knowledge have become a part of me.

The contents doesn’t market products or discount them, but merely strengthening that which people are already aware of, or have walked passed in Ethnic, Asian, Oriental, regular supermarkets and health food shops, but may not know how to benefit from them, ultimately. The adage ‘prevention is better than cure’ is a timeless pocket philosophy, which seems to have lost its value, when practically the whole planet is drowning in a sea of illnesses and dis (eases), attributed a lot to lack of knowledge in how to properly combine foods and live healthy.

Of course, many will frown and say, ‘excuse me, I’m living a healthy life,’ as the default defense mechanism is stimulated, but what does that really mean? One person’s ‘healthy lifestyle,’ may be death on the face of it to another, which makes it a term as meaningful as the word ‘spiritual,’ often used in cases of taking mind-altering substances. Still, people are entirely at liberty to live how they choose to live. I’m not here to judge. We either have a life worth living or live a life worth having. This book is one from which inspiration can be drawn and apply what’s applicable. It surrounds everyday ailments and targets everyday people.

I feel confident to speak on many areas of health, because of my own experiences and results from different treatment protocols, as well as, I come from a family background of productive people, some of whom were medical professionals. With as much deftness and clarity my limited faculties prevails upon me, I present the information which I feel is accessible, without delving into areas that one would otherwise need to be under professional medical guidance.

Utilising my past experience as a qualified Chef, also, I incorporate few references on how to prepare things, germane to diet. This manual contains everything that matters to me and dotted with Vedic references, because I’ve been affiliated with that culture since 1998 and counting. What is your reason for creating this manual?’ someone might ask. Primarily, it is my hope that kindred spirits can gain from any of the contents, which could prevent a mild ailment turning into something more severe. Not least, (having traveled the world extensively in the past and visited countless health and medical practitioners because of my own ill health), I was fortunate to gain a potpourri of knowledge which I believe could help someone.

I feel satisfied that my book differs to others on the market, simply for the fact that it’s diverse in knowledge, which everyone including infants, can benefit from and it’s personalized, as opposed to mere research work on paper. I was encouraged over the years (by people who know  me and those with whom I have shared such knowledge), to make this manual available. But having fallen prey to unbearable distress with my head, so harrowing that it defies death, I didn’t have the motivation or brain power to undertake what presented itself to me, like an invitation to climb Mt. Everest.

In the back of my mind, I thought I would attempt it when I get better, but four years later, I still suffer from an unrelenting problem with my head, which haunts me 24 hours a day without as much as a few seconds break. Only recently, I finally found out by a comprehensive bioresonance test, that I’m afflicted with heavy metal toxemia. Now, I’m on an intensive heavy metal detox programme to eliminate them from every which part of my body they have lodge themselves… the journey continues. Yet, without falling back on the knowledge I’d gained throughout my life, I would be  far worse or perhaps two foot in the grave.

There is a saying ‘don’t put away for tomorrow what is behind you, for you can wake up tomorrow with what’s behind you, in front of you.’ This is in essence, what happened. All the bits and pieces of paper I had jot things down on, over the years, were glaring at me to tidy it all up into this presentation. Though the term ‘physician, heal thyself,’ has sprung to mind on several occasions of my passing on many health tips to others, when ironically, I am not able to cure myself with all the knowledge I’ve accumulated, I’m still convinced that others can make use of it. To me, it’s like writing a will. Just because I’m suffering, doesn’t mean all this knowledge should go to waste. Knowledge is meant to be shared and if this is my little contribution in giving something back, then I will feel I have not come into this world for absolutely no reason and then die uselessly. Had I known what I know now, I might have saved much of my health from deteriorating to the degree it has, now.

Finally, as my last write(ous) words of introduction:

Gone are the days in which we could address general ailments with simple home remedies, having been almost lost like a piece of diamond in snow. Fear has replaced one’s innate sense of judgement, so we now have medical practices and hospitals flooded with a simple cold, because God forbid, it could lead to the ticket to one’s next incarnation. Therefore ‘seek medical advice from your Doctor,’ for everything under the sun, is the pulse of the climate we live in. As a matter of principle, I’m obliged to echo that mood, though I’m not one to subscribe to fear in any shades of grey. Nothing I present in this book, (especially of herbs and supplements) is to replace professional medical advice, if you feel there is something more serious with your health.

Again, whatever I share is from my own experience and what I’ve gathered over the years from health and medical professionals I’ve consulted with. No amount of money can buy back your health when it’s gone. I’m a living testimony to this. Always be mindful of your health and listen to your body. Never neglect its warning signals, as I’m paying for this, bitterly. It’s not totally up to medical advisers to take care of your health; you are. They are only trained so far and will only do so much and I say this without reservation, as when I recently had an in-depth and privately funded bio-resonance done, I finally realized that the so called ‘mental illness’ I was diagnosed with by conventional doctors, was not in fact my condition, but rather something more organic was shown up in my skull.

Use your sense of discretion and spirit of discernment, to take advantage of all the resources at your disposal and maintain your well-being in the best way you can. Mind, Body, Soul; they go hand in hand and even as we are not quintessentially these bodies, we need our body in a healthy condition as our vehicle in which to carry out our respective duties. Not everyone will appreciate the contents of this book, but such is the nature of this world. It is better to do my own duty even imperfectly, than to try to do another’s, perfectly. Not everybody will like a person or what they represent, but we proceed with conviction, because we believe in what we set out to do.

This is my third and perhaps final book; yet, I live in hope. All photos are mine and some of them are from the time, years ago before I fell ill with my head, when I was living in Denmark, attempting to compile a healthy-living cook book. I felt spiritually guided to complete this book, when the words on pages mirrored the whisperings of my heart.

Part 1 talks about health and how to tackle general ailments and Part 2 presents how to do or how to make things related to food, in this book. It’s punctuated with tips throughout and contain hidden secrets about food items and how to combine them properly. With everything and anything from how to successfully detox heavy metal from even the brain, reduce if not get rid of tinnitus, uterine fibroid tumours etc. to how to make things like your own home-made coconut oil, (presented with high quality photos and illustrations), this book promises something for everyone, including infants. It is also composed with a sense of humour. Wishing you good health and well-being.

Please see a sample from the book under ‘Recent Posts’ and for those who are just seeing my site for the first time, you may view my other two books also under ‘Recent Posts.’ The pictures in the sample are not edited but they will be in the final product, at which point I will make another post about it. Thank you…

Wisdom from the Dalai Lama

“Man surprised me most about humanity. Because he sacrifices his health in order to make money. Then he sacrifices money to recuperate his health. And then he is so anxious about the future that he does not enjoy the present; the result being that he does not live in the present or the future; he lives as if he is never going to die, and then dies having never really lived.”

A sample from my third book


Digital Camera               Digital Camera

Ripe bananas                                                Unripe bananas

Bananas are one of the most widely eaten fruits, in my opinion, yet it appears that many people don’t know how to eat them. I’ve seen so much information on bananas and their health benefits, but unless bananas are ripened to the speckled stage in the picture above, they only create problems in the body, especially mucus in the intestines, indigestion and constipation, among a myriad of other ills. Bananas contain tryptophan, one of the twenty amino acids in protein needed as building blocks in the body. The more ripe a banana is and permeated with brown spots, the more tryptophan is present.

Metabolism of tryptophan to serotonin and melatonin: L-tryptophan converts into 5-HTP, which then readily converts into serotonin chemical, the feel-good factor in the brain. Once serotonin neurotransmitter is made, the pineal gland in the brain is able to convert it at night into melatonin, the sleep-inducing hormone. Serotonin starts its process in the gut and walking for up to 20 minutes a day helps in the transaction. A sedentary lifestyle doesn’t help.

Eat a banana a few hours away from your last meal and an hour before sleep, to get a good rest. A ripe banana eaten after meals, soothes an upset stomach of indigestion, acidity etc. Bananas (like organic inulin from chicory), helps to stimulate good bacteria in the gut, (especially after antibiotic treatments) but again, they have to be consumed in their ripened stage, as above. Probiotics, prebiotics and acidophilus do something, but only as a short term remedy. When my uncle (who is also qualified chef and he who initially introduced me to the catering world), recently told me that to this day, ripe bananas are being thrown away in the kitchens he works or has worked in, because they’ve gone speckled, I was astounded.

In my young adult years in my family, nobody eats  bananas unless they are ripened as above. Otherwise, they don’t benefit the body. Yet, on several occasions I’ve witnessed people eating bananas and giving it to young children and infants, when they are unfit to eat. Sometimes so unripe, that the skin breaks in the process of peeling. Such bananas are grainy in the mouth and full of stain. What is the world coming to, when we don’t even know how to properly eat a simple banana? Being pale-yellow and spotless in colour, as we see them in supermarkets, doesn’t mean they are ripe enough to eat. Matter of fact, I was told by a very senior Naturopathic practitioner with decades of experience, that they otherwise also cause or aggravate tinnitus – ringing in the ears. It would be extremely counter-productive for supermarkets to sell bananas or any fruits  in their very ripened state, but it doesn’t mean we can’t bring them home, wrap them in a bit of paper and patiently ripen them ourselves.

Eat foods such as cherries, chickpeas, romaine lettuce, almonds, spirulina, oats, etc. rich in tryptophan to increase serotonin in supporting melatonin, to help with insomnia. Counting sheep, alone, will not do. Rather, you will only lie there, wool-gathering. Rooibos tea selling everywhere, helps to aid sleep and there is a wonderfully clear 5 mins video on this link, which clearly and easily demonstrates how to prepare banana flower below, for eating: http://theindianvegan.blogspot.co.uk/2012/09/all-about-banana-flower.html It can then be cooked in stews with coconut milk and butter beans to make a tasty dish, just to give you an idea if you ever come across it in Asian food shops

. Digital Camera                    Banana flower 009

Very green bananas                                          Banana flower

When I was traveling in India, a wise gentleman said to me to eat cooked green bananas in the photo above, as they are good for the stomach; those very green ones you find outside regular supermarkets. Cut off the top and bottom, boil in water with a squirt of lemon juice and a pinch of salt until the skins split or until they are soft. Mash with butter and enjoy.

Try using a shiatsu massager, especially the type which rolls up and down the subtle  channels of the spine and neck to increase circulation and aid sleep. A little pranayama of anuloma-viloma can help to relax the mind before sleep also. Sit up straight; close the right nostril with right thumb and inhale through left nostril, then immediately close the left nostril with the middle and ring finger and release the right thumb while breathing out. Again breathe in through right nostril then close with right thumb,  releasing the left nostril while breathing out. Repeat the process and continue alternate breathing like this for few minutes and increase daily for up to 5mins. You can do this any time of the day when stressed as well. It balances the left and right hemisphere of the brain and aids with other problems of the mind.

Tip:  For good feng shui, the foot of the bed should not be facing the doorway, as it is very inauspicious and said to almost bring death. It should be positioned so that the feet is stretched towards the right or left of the door.  The rhythm of melatonin production is strengthened by a daily routine of eating and exercising. Vigorous activities, like exercising at night, delays melatonin secretion, but done during the day or better in the morning, helps to regulate melatonin production. Avoid stimulants at night which interferes with melatonin. Light meals at night, or what I call moon foods. Daily place the inside part of banana skins on warts and suspend it with a sticking plaster to watch them go away. Refresh the peels everyday. Much more on sleep in my book out soon and a little addition from it, below.

A homage to the peculiarity of British cuisine

A ‘toad in the hole’ observes  a ‘Welsh rarebit,’ as the stomach ‘bubble and squeak’ for want of food. When a plate of ‘bangers and mash’ arrives, the senses begin ‘singing hinnies,’ so much so that they start to perceive ‘angels on horseback.’ The meal is then relished with a serving of ‘spotted dick,’ and tempered with the ‘flummery’ of a slender ‘bloody Mary,’ in all her ‘knickerbocker glory’ when it’s realized that it was just one of those ‘offal’ days of unrequited ‘love in disguise,’ from a bit of ‘crumpet.’ But all is well that ends well, with a ‘Bakewell tart’ or roll over in shock with a fat ‘roly poly.’ (For those who don’t know, that which is in quotation mark, are names of foods.)

Substantiating the journey of my first two books

I started writing some years back as a therapy, which gradually turned into my first book renamed ‘Assigned From Beyond.’ At the time, I felt like a pregnant mother about to give birth, as it was as though I would explode with the myriad of past impressions, that were haunting my mind like adverts on a film reel. It all descended on me like a burst dam and all I could do, was to keep writing whatever came through and trusting that flow. I didn’t judge myself in the process, as that’s one of the worst things a writer can do. I find that it creates subtle mental blockages. When I satiated all that needed to be expelled from within me, I began to fine tune it all. It was by no means an easy journey, as I was extremely trammeled by various external factors as well.

By the time I reached a place where I was approaching different publishers, who mostly of course,  compensated my painstaking effort with endless rejection letters or exacting fees towards publishing my work, I by then, felled victim to a harrowing problem with my head. This naturally, suspended any further literary engagements for a good few years in which, what I experienced unequaled hell; unable to walk, unable to speak. It didn’t help matters, when in the midst of all this turmoil, my 13 years relationship ended, as my partner walked out on me to find someone else, soon after.

I literally crawled myself back into a state of activity, as my surroundings didn’t allow me to simply get well. Shooting down the moon, I finally ended up composing my second manuscript renamed ‘Fate’s Mantra’ again as a coping mechanism to deal with all the traumas and what wasn’t far from PTSD.

Reliving the past, I attempted several publishers who rewarded me with practically the same responses as I initially encountered with the first manuscript. By this time, I resigned any further endeavours towards the publishing industry, which assumed itself to be Goliath and I, David.

I began to fully concentrate what was left of my debilitated energy into getting well, when finally, I was offered a publishing contract; albeit it wasn’t the type of publisher I had envisioned, which was why a year later, I excused myself from the company and self-published. One has to start from somewhere, even if that place presents itself with attributes that are modest, not to put too fine a point on it. The other option is to keep trying, if you have the mental and physical resources to do so. A fellow writer’s first book was rejected 78 times until he later won a prestigious award, after which his sales rocketed overnight.

Having authored two books under such excruciating and incredulous circumstances, I forgive myself for any imperfections that the reader’s eyes may catch. I had to do it all myself, with limited and challenged faculties. But I did it with the idea, that essence is more important than form, when one is faced with such intractable situations. I did my best and that’s all anyone can do, really. 

Lorem ipsum “Neither is there anyone who loves, pursues or desires pain itself because it is pain”.

My last words for any new writer:

Just take the first step and pen down a few words at a time about what you believe in. Chances are, others will believe in it too. Not everyone will like or compliment your work, as that’s just the nature of the world. You cannot please everyone. Never judge yourself as you are writing. Trust what is coming through, as you can always go back to proofing your work when you’ve completed what you’ve set out to do. Be patient with yourself, because it takes time and perseverance to accomplish anything.

It’s good to have a dream, but keep it realistic. Don’t write to become the next millionaire author, because it’s very unlikely many of us ever will. But simply write because it’s what you love to do. If it’s meant to be published, that will take its own natural course. You just do the work and the rest will unfold in time. When you’ve reached thus far as to start approaching publishers (if you don’t take the self-publishing route), never start doubting your ability to write, because of rejection letters. Try not to take it personal and do remember to inquire if publishers charge an author fee. 

I can’t stress enough to have someone other than yourself, (preferably someone with a good acumen of the English language) looking at your finished draft. You would have to be that exceptional a writer, to spot your own flaws and mistakes. Keep going; you never know where the journey will take you.

All the very best on your journey and wishing you all success 🙂

Please see my post called ‘Thank you all,’ and my other post on writing called ‘writer’s block.’

First book jacket    Second book jacket

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– excerpts of each found to the right of my page under ‘Categories’ and an introduction to my completed third book, under ‘recent posts.’ This will be out by the end of September.

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