Assorted health tips

Occasionally, the Supreme Lord Himself descends as the avatara (incarnation) Dhanvantari and re-inaugurates the tradition of Ayurveda. This extremely rare appearance of God is recorded in the Srimad Bhagavatam 1:3:17 – In the twelfth incarnation, the Lord appeared as Dhanvantari (Lord of medicine) from where all alternative medicine has sprung from.

These tips below are what I’ve tried and tested over time for myself. It may or may not work for you, as everyone’s constitution is different. What may be food for one, may be poison for another. You have to listen to your own body and see what works best for it, but I share anyhow, just in case. 🙂 I will also try to update it regularly, if anything else springs to mind.

In this world permeated with refined deceptions, in which the powers that be, thinks they are the Supreme controller, we have to take our health in our hands at times to survive. ‘Power corrupts and absolute power, corrupts absolutely.’ We now have the added chemtrails/geoengineering saga to deal with, as you will see on the link below, which was aired on the Quest Channel also: – the throes, life throws us. – flu shot anyone? I think not.

I recently asked a gentlemen I met in a health shop and who is an advocate for healthy living, how to survive under this insidious inundation of chemtrails being sprayed over our heads in practically every country on the planet poisoning the air. He replied ‘lots of food grade vitamins and minerals.’

Speaking of which, Vitamin B12 is important to note for vegans and vegetarians like myself. If you don’t take milk products, some small amounts can be found in fresh aloe vera, physalis berries, good quality Irish moss/sea vegetables and  enough in this new (diabetic friendly) product called palmyra jaggery powder, obtainable from health shops or online. When supplemented, B12 is more bio-available in its methylcobalamin form or combined with the rare adenosylcobalamin, as opposed to cyanocobalamin. Iron should also be taken in its bisglycinate form, than all its other constipating forms.

Here is more information on palmyra:

Prevention is better than cure.”

Food – The stomach performs at its optimum with warm foods and liquids. Anything too cold too often and agni (the fire of digestion) is quenched. This then leads to ama (undigested food matter) lying around in the stomach which causes stomach problems and creates toxins in the blood. Preferably, food should  be at least 50% raw and 50% cooked. By raw, I mean, procuring a good Matstone or Samson cold-press juicer and extracting the juice from vegetables. A good guide book for  juicing with juice combinations is ‘Raw Vegetable Juices’ by:  N.W.Walker.

It is a small book with amazing information on how proper juice combinations can even cure many illness of the body. Vegetable juices alkalizes the body and in an alkaline environment, many pathogens cannot survive. Many people can’t stand the idea of drinking vegetable juices, yet alone drinking it, but nothing cleanses, replenishes, restores, rejuvenates and balances the body like vegetable juices. Taken half an hour before meals, it sets the stage to digest other foods. Green papaya juice is best taken after meals, especially heavy ones.

As with any cleansing protocol, the body will go through a herxheimer stage, wherein, all the detritus is being broken down for elimination. Don’t be alarmed when that happens. That often unpleasant stage, will pass. Start slowly with the intake of vegetable juices and gradually build up, as the first thing they do is a good clean out of the colon. If you get stomach cramps, gas etc. as a result, stop for a day or two, then resume. This will give the liver time to deal with all the elimination, as often cleansing protocols do more cleansing than the liver can deal with in a given day. If you see your skin going yellow as result of drinking fresh vegetable juices, especially carrot, know that it’s the liver and lymph that is clearing from toxins. It will disappear as soon as the system is cleared out, which takes time.

Two food items that should be in everyone’s cupboard are organic raw coconut oil and turmeric powder. Turmeric root should be used with caution or not at all. Taken by itself and it’s too harsh for the liver. The safest way is to stick to only a tiny pinch of the powder. It purifies the blood, clears plaque from even the brain and cleans the liver. Too many hemp seeds as well, causes excess heat in the liver. I use a piece, the size of my thumb, in my fresh vegetable juices once or twice daily.

Let thy food be thy medicine. Food for thought/thought for food.

Live blood analysis – many of you may or may not have heard of this. It’s a medical service in which a pin prick of blood is taken and put under a powerful microscope right in front of your eyes, to ascertain what is actually going on in the body. To sum up; it saved my life. If you are afflicted with chronic health issues like myself and have tried everything which didn’t work, it might be worth your while to look into this option. It is a private service, unlike general blood tests wherein, a litre of blood is taken from you and still your are nowhere the better off for it. A final look into your health, may also be a bioresonace, both of which you can research.

Tinnitus/noises in the ears – this is one of the most distressing ailments of the body. I should know, as I live with it daily, though mine has reduced in frequency due to sufficient intake of organic whole food vitamins and minerals, and special attention to detoxing the colon and liver and strengthening the kidneys, by this action. If the inner ear is damaged for whatever reason, it will be hard to treat tinnitus. Otherwise, there are some things that can be done at home to treat or at least, lessen the noise, as mentioned above. Lycium barbarum/goji berries 10g-30gms daily. Feverfew herb is documented to be effective against tinnitus. The fresh herb is better. Chew 2-3 medium sized leaves every morning. Leaves best picked before it goes into flowering. 10-30 drops of black cohosh tincture diluted in water, is best for tinnitus caused by blood congestion or pressure in the head. China sulf. in homeopathy is another option, for buzzing, hissing or singing sounds in the ear.

Diabetes –  3 okra/lady fingers cut up and soaked in water overnight. Drink the liquid warm, first thing in the mornings. Each night use a fresh dose of the vegetables. The above goji berries is researched to be effective as well. At least 30gms split in two portions, twice a day.  A proper balanced diet with lots of green leafy vegetables, whole grains and sufficient water, is very important.

Teeth – Until recently, I didn’t know that the glycerine found in most toothpastes is not helping the teeth the re-mineralise, from the proteins and other nutrients found in the saliva. Glycerine blocks the tiny microscopic pores in the teeth and takes many many rinses to get rid of it from even one brushing. The teeth is porous, so using a good natural tooth powder or tooth paste without glycerine, will help to re-mineralise and nourish the teeth from the outside, as well as it gets nourished from the blood to the nerves. Using a tongue scraper (an oral hygiene device generally made of stainless steel) to clean the tongue, helps to maintain good health, overall.

Insomnia – big issue for many people. It’s not the easiest to say, do this or do that; ingest this or that remedy and it will all go away. It’s something you have to work at to keep under control. I find that a little raising of the heartbeat for 10-15mins per day, can have beneficial effect. It creates serotonin within the gut, which then supports melatonin in the night. Brisk walking anywhere or even jumping up and down in your home to some music will do the trick. Don’t sleep with a mobile phone next to your head and try not to think after 7pm at nights. Over thinking uses up neurons in the brain. Rather listen to some soothing music, or do something relaxing. Eating your last meal 2 1/2 – 3 hrs before bed helps. Fruits at night stimulate the kidneys, so best eat them in the day. Rooibos tea, aids sleep at night. More on sleeping below in this post

Anal fissures/piles/hemorrhoids – Comfrey root is said to be good for internal healing of these afflictions. Make a brew from the powdered root, simmering 1/2 tsp to a cup of water for a minute or so and drink twice daily. If in doubt, take the comfrey leaf, instead. A diet with enough roughage is very important. Juniper berries aids in these ailments as well.

Candida albicans – no fungus hates caprylic acid more than candida. Found in organic raw coconut oil or taken as tablets. Start with a teaspoon on food once per day then gradually build up. You might experience some bloating or gas, as the fungus is being killed off. Again, stop for a few days or so if this happens, then resume. It’s recommended to take psyllium husk/Isabgol husk at bedtime to help pull out the died-off fungus. Very ripe bananas (brown spotted) encourages good bacteria growth in the gut.  A combination of all or one of these items, would be advisable to include in the diet: juniper berries, cinnamon, turmeric and ground cloves. If unable to digest dairy yogurt to support stomach flora, then pure coconut yogurt/kefir is available. A good brand of multi-strain biotic is procurable from Wild Nutrition. Treating candida is holistic and aims largely at supporting the immune system.

Constipation – Insufficient magnesium intake can contribute to constipation. Try a good whole food formula. Don’t take synthetic vitamins or minerals. Raw spinach juice  or mixed with raw carrot juice, at a rate of ¼-1/2 cup at a time, is highly helpful for this problem also. It cleanse, repairs and replenish the entire colon. Best taken on an empty stomach for maximum effect. Amaranth flour porridge, I find, is very good for bowel motion and very nutritious. White flour, white rice, white pasta etc. are to be eliminated. Whole grains are best. Lots of steamed vegetables, especially the green leafy ones, supports bowel movement. Again very ripe bananas taken away from food, acts as a mild laxative. Eaten unripe or with other foods other than fruits, and it’s  a sure recipe for constipation or indigestion.

Sleeping – Again, magnesium is said to be beneficial to take before going to bed. Take the whole food tablets an hour before sleep. Best restorative sleep is few hours before 12 at night. Upon rising, simultaneously put two feet on the ground when standing; said to balance your day. A body full of toxins or undigested waste matter, can cause a lot of sleep disturbance. As well, deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals. We often eat to fill stomach, but are we getting enough nutrition? Foods containing tryptophan like very ripe bananas (with dark brown spots) = serotonin (the feel good factor in the brain) = melatonin (sleep inducing substance in the brain).

A little pranayama of anuloma-viloma can help to relax the mind before sleep also. Sit up straight; close the right nostril with right thumb and inhale through left nostril, then immediately close the left nostril with the middle and ring finger and release the right thumb while breathing out. Again breathe in through right nostril then close with right thumb,  releasing the left nostril while breathing out. Repeat the process and continue alternate breathing like this for few minutes and increase daily for up to 5mins. You can do this any time of the day when stressed as well. It balances the left and right hemisphere of the brain and aids with other problems of the mind.

Migraine/headache – It is said in Ayurveda, that fruits and vegetables should not be consumed in the same meal; the same for fruits and milk, fruits and grains, as well as milk and grains, as the enzymes are incompatible for digestion. Yet, I find so many people eating exactly the opposite way. Proper food combination is important to consider, as the wrong way leads to a plethora of diseases in the body. Fruits – are best consumed on their own, an hour away from other foods. Oranges are said to be gold in the morning, silver in the afternoon and lead at night. Fruits are best taken in the mornings or early afternoons. Bananas, especially, should be eaten only when they are very ripe and looking spotted, as they otherwise create mucus in the intestines.

There is a theory that the only fruits you can have with other foods are apples, pineapples and papayas, because of their high enzyme content for support of digestion, but I know that fruits should not be eaten with any other food items. Again sufficient magnesium intake is good for migraine/headache. Or, Submerge your hands and feet in hot/warm water, then put a bag of frozen peas at the base of your skull. The heat on your extremities pulls the blood from your head, relieving some or all of your headache. Soaking the feet in magnesium crystals helps to increase magnesium intake in the body. Feverfew herb is effective for migraine as well.

Menstrual cramps – The good old hot water bottle is ok, but again magnesium plays an important role for this. Also, if you pulverise ½ inch fresh organic ginger in a mortar with pestle and put into 600ml of water and drink a small warm glass at a time, is very good. Or simply dilute few drops of organic ginger oil in some oil and massage it on the abdomen. Certain spices like rosemary causes excessive flow, so do note that during the first three days. You might want to eat plain and simple for those days.

Intestinal parasites – again the castor purge is good. There are a myriad of natural remedies for this. Research a little on ozone generator. I’m using one to kill pathogens that may be in my body. View link here on it:

Bloating – this is one that many can relate to. Watch what you eat, as food allergy (wheat/gluten) is one of the main problems. Other contributors are bad food combinations, milk, deficiency in certain vitamins and minerals, especially iodine.

Intestinal flora – there is nothing that upsets the gut flora more, like antibiotics and of course, pathogens. The more the system is cleansed out of ama (waste matter), the better. Organic inulin from NOW brand is a good start to replenish good gut flora, but be mindful that it creates a bit of wind for some people. Maybe the very ripe bananas would be better for some people. Prebiotics, probiotics, acidophilus etc. does something, but only temporarily.

Also, a little lsd, lying (left side down) for 20 mins after eating, aids digestion. Don’t sleep though, as sleeping immediately after meals, puts pressure on the heart. Eating a very ripe (brown spotted banana) an hour after meals, neutralises upset stomach acids. As well, slippery elm powder dissolved in water calms stomach upset.

Digestive aid (yoga asana) – the only yoga that can be done immediately after meals is Vajrasana. It cures indigestion, acidity, gas formation and constipation. Sit on a soft area and kneel as when about to pray. Keeping both knees touching each other, sit back upright on heels, ensuring the big toes touch each other. Keep both hands stretched forward on each knee and remain like this for 1-3mins. It will take a little practicing, but start with even half a minute until you get used to it. That is, if you don’t have severe problems with your legs. It should gradually be increased for up to 5-15mins daily after meals.

Digestive enzymes – peanuts are said to be enzyme blockers. Nature’s own digestive enzyme is the juice from very green papayas obtainable from Asian shops; best taken after meals. Or green papaya powder is available also. Peel and discard the seeds of the fresh green papaya before juicing or it can be grated finely to make a salad. Any other raw vegetable juice is best taken with a pinch of fresh ginger half an hour before means. This creates the necessary enzymes to then digest whatever else you put in the stomach afterwards.

Kidney stones cleanse – hydrangea root, gravel root and marshmallow root. Or Chanca piedra/Phyllanthus niruri, also known as “stone breaker”, is used to support the kidneys in South America; especially good for kidney stones. For liver and gall stones, one can easily mix a 2 tsp organic olive oil with 1 tsp organic lemon juice and take daily first thing in mornings. Dandelion root tea is good for cleansing and strengthening all the organs as well.

Thyroid problems – iodine deficiency is a major cause of this disease as well as a myriad of others, including most problems of the reproductive system. Too much millet or tapioca/cassava, blocks iodine intake. Dr Jorge Flechas MD is an expert on the subject as you will see in this link: and look up  Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield also.

Mild depression/anxiety disorder – The herb rhodiola rosea and the amino acid 5HTP said to increase serotonin (the feel-good factor) in the brain, helps tremendously for this. Of course, it’s something you would have to do some research on and see whether it fits your bill. But these should not be taken along with other anti-anxiety or anti-depressant drugs. If you do, take only in their purest form…not with fillers, binders and all that nonsense.

Prostate problems – Pumpkin seeds are paramount in helping to prevent and resolve problems associated. Put in a coffee mill or spice grinder and blitz to a powder. Take 1 tbl 2-3 times daily on food. Again, juniper berries are helpful and is also good for bladder infection.

Uterine fibroids – anything refined increases the tumors; white flour, white rice, white sugar etc. I have successfully shrunk my tumors before with the appropriate herbs under a qualified herbalist. Again iodine deficiency  is very important to note. Research Dr Barry Durrant-Peatfield. Also the application of warm castor oil packs on the area at least three times per week, can help to shrink them. The packs can be applied nightly, but use a fresh pack for each time. Cruciferous vegetables in their raw form/juice, eliminates excess estrogen from the body, which is a major contribution to fibroids.

General tonic – Look into the supplement called Frequensea and/or concentrated mineral drops; there are many on the market, but try to get good sourced ones. Remember minerals can be taken on their own, but vitamins need minerals to absorb them.

Milk – should always be taken warm, spiced with little cardamom, ginger, cinnamon or turmeric, as otherwise it creates mucus in the intestines. Homogenised milk is not even worth looking at, what to speak of drinking. Read the fine print…Pasteurized milk, while not completely useless, is nonetheless, useless almost completely because the calcium and protein becomes inorganic through the high heating process, which interrupts the digestive system to do its work properly. The result being, stomach ailments in all shades of grey.

Nuts – are best had raw, as the heating process to roast them, causes them to loose vital nutrients. Better still, soak in salt for min 7hrs, drain then blend, or otherwise, they have to be chewed thoroughly to not disturb vata (the governing air element) in the body. Almonds should be soaked and the skin removed, as the skin contain a type of toxin.

General flu/cold – Simmer in a pot, 1/2 inch  grated ginger with 2 cups of water for a minute. Then add 1tsp fenugreek powder and 1/4 tsp turmeric and immediately turn off fire. When cool down to almost room temperature, add 2tbl of lemon juice and sweeten with honey to taste. Honey should not be put into very hot liquids or should it be heated, as it becomes poisonous. (organic recipe)

Alternatives to gluten – Morio/samo seeds, teff, whole oat groats, rice of all colours, millet, buckwheat, quinoa of all colours, maize/polenta and amaranth. Amaranth flour makes for a lovely porridge. If you have problem digesting oats, try soaking them in warm water for min 7hrs with little lemon juice, then simmer for few mins and have as you like.

Alternatives to dairy and soya cheeses – Vegusto, Vegecheese, Jeezo from Vegourmet, Jeezini and few others on the market that doesn’t contain soya. Only fermented soy should be eaten.

Salt – remember, good salt is good for the body, as are good fats which protects the cells. Unrefined sea salt is the best… there are no salt mines in the Himalayas. That pink salt I used to think was God’s gift to man, is best for other uses (strewn on the pavement when it snows, perhaps) than taking internally. How it it sourced, where it is sourced and its components… you don’t want to know.

“Better to walk around with your head in the clouds, dreaming of a better quality of life, than with two feet on the ground, sleep-walking, in the darkness of ignorance.” 

To have a life worth living or to live a life worth having, is the question. See my third book on health for a more comprehensive and in-depth, insight.


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  1. There is lots of really interesting information – I’ll definitely return to this source of information as I’m currently trying to improve my diet. Thanks so much x


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