Ekadasi – two auspicious days

Ekadasi is an auspicious day, which is noted twice per month (11 days after the new moon and 11 days after the full moon) in which one is freed from sins when observing it by abstaining from eating grains and pulses. That is, nothing of wheat, corn, rice, beans etc. as the collective sins of the planet takes shelter of these food items on these days. If one is suffering from any disease of the body, it will increase on these days, if the above items are consumed, as they act like a sponge soaking up the water element in the body and remain in the stomach as ama (undigested food matter). Not only does one gain health benefit from avoiding the forbidden items, but Ekadasi increases one’s spiritual inclination and merits. All other foods and fruits can be taken. The next day the fast is broken, by again taking grains and beans/pulses as normal.

One does not have to follow the Hare Krishna path to benefit from this observance. This is the beauty of Vaisnava culture.

Here is a link to guide you to the days on which Ekadasi appears:



“After the merciful Supreme Lord thought over what He had previously considered, He suddenly manifested from His own form the deity of the lunar day Ekadasi.’ (Padma Purana 7.22.27) Afterwards the different sinful living entities began to follow the vow of Ekadasi and were then elevated quickly to the abode of Vaikuntha. Oh my child Jaimini, therefore the lunar day of Ekadasi is the self-same form of the Supreme Lord, Visnu, and the Supersoul within the heart of the living entities. Sri Ekadasi is the utmost pious activity and is situated as the head among all vows.”

“Therefore those persons who are serious about the ultimate benefit for the soul will never eat grains on the Ekadasi tithi/day. According to the instructions of Lord Visnu, every kind of sinful activity that can be found in the material world takes its residence in this place of foodstuff (grain and beans) on Ekadasi. Whoever follows Ekadasi is freed from all sins and never enters into hellish regions…”


5 thoughts on “Ekadasi – two auspicious days

  1. Jai Ekadasi! We have one coming up. I always love Ekadasi, because I find it is easier to chant, read, etc. devotional services on that day. I used to find Ekadasi difficult, but then I went to India and on Ekadasi in Vrindavana they all go around parikrama marg. I did that and found the experience very purifying and helped me be more sincere. Since then, I love Ekadasis, and find Ekadasi very potent for me, even in the West…Ekadasi is so merciful in this way! Jai!

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    • Indeed, Ekadasi alone, can give one outstanding spiritual merits. Yes, going to the holy dhama can clear a lot of things on the subtle level and enable spiritual progress. Jai πŸ™‚

      I have not been able to visit Vrindavan or Navadwipa for some years now, due to illness. But, I hope to, in due course. Still, I’m not so anxious, because I’ve visited and lived in those places over many years. The west can sap one’s vitality and at times, I need to spiritually recharge in Vrindavan or Navadwipa.

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      • Totally! the Dham is such a recharge. I have gotten sick there recently so I haven’t been in a couple years myself, but…I find that being there helps me cultivate some sincerity and perhaps a drop of humility…and the sickness is purification which I need…I am sorry that you are sick though and that it prevents you from returning. I hope you are better soon so you get to recharge! Jai.


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