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Please be invited to contact me here below, on my email, by which you can ask me any questions, if you are interested to know more about the product technology. I tried to include all relevant information as necessary, but I have a whole lot more on file, which will be too overwhelming to upload. Google is a search engine; not a research engine. If you want sound information on ASEA redox or redox bio-chemistry, may I kindly point you to ASEA – part two, under which you will find a catalogue of scientific data regarding the said. Or you can simple go to which is site for doctors and to do due diligent research, on the thousand of peer reviewed studies they have on redox bio-chemistry. Type in any body system for e.g. adrenal and redox signalling and it will bring up lots of peer reviewed studies on how redox signalling affects that system.

People tend to firstly go to google to look up ASEA redox and resign it or get put off, when they see some negative things written up by ill-informed people and those with vested interest with the regular route of health care, as they always knock anything in the alternative field, no matter what it is. For your health’s sake, it is worth looking into; not just superficially, but thoroughly.

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