In the words of Dr Karl Smith on ASEA: “It is made out of salt and water…. But it is not salt water. Diamonds and coal are both “just carbon.” However there is a big difference between a diamond and a lump of coal. Asea is a racemic mixture of specific reductive and oxidative molecules all made from Sodium, Hydrogen, Chloride and Oxygen.”

It tastes a bit like slightly salty ozone water, but is not unpleasant to the taste. However, it is 100% natural and non-toxic, you can’t overdose on it and it’s not processed or metabolized by the liver or kidney. It gets quickly absorbed in the watery membranes and membranes of the stomach bypassing the digestive process.The sicker the body is, the more the taste is pronounced until it begins to heal, by which time the distinct taste will dissipate. It does not contain chlorine like you find in pool water or even in tap water. Mind you, chlorine in its natural organic form, as you find in raw potatoes and cruciferous vegetables, (like natural sulphur found in the said like broccoli sprouts), is a very important cleansing component for the body. Often we lose much of it when cooking, as heat destroys much of our foods’ goodness. It’s why we eat lightly steamed vegetables to keep much of their goodness. As the body balances out, that salty chloride taste disappears and the liquid begins to taste like spring water.

ASEA is not a nutritional supplement and will not hydrate the body. Therefore, when taking it, it is incumbent to hydrate and adopt a good and sound nutritional diet. In the opinion and medical advice of Dr Jennifer Daniels, it is equally important to relieve the bowels at least three times a day. If not, minimum, twice daily, when going on any health protocol that has the potential to detox from toxins like heavy metals and kill off pathogens, like ASEA does. Reliving the bowels several times a day, takes the pressure off the kidneys. Otherwise, we may end up with a surge of toxins released into the blood stream and a back-surge, when they have nowhere to go, due to the eliminative organs becoming sluggish, clogged up or simply shut down due to overload of the said. This is what is known as die-off or herxheimer reaction, which can make one temporarily feeling a bit worse before real healing begins. Because a body full of pathogens and an alloy of toxins cannot heal until the detritus is expelled from all orifice of the body. Also a sick cell (sickle cell) cannot do its job effectively, therefore in the words Mr Warren Phillips, (the co-founder of cellular healing) ‘If you don’t fix the cell, you don’t get well.’ ASEA facilitates this cellular repair and healing, tremendously and phenomenally. They are the worker bees for the cells. See under my post titled ‘ASEA’s – how to take it’ in how to facilitate bowel movements.

A detox reaction can last from a few days up to a month or more, depending on how chronically ill and toxic one is, and one can experience anything from a headache to breaking out in itchy spots, when toxins are being released; not to mention what can be expelled in the toilet. How do we differentiate between detox reaction and something that’s causing serious aggravation to the body? Hmm, good question. It’s about being in tuned with your body and listening to what is happening. Research on symptoms of detoxing and get a little acquainted with what those signs are, but detox reactions are usually associated with detritus leaving the body or wanting to leave it via the elimination channels and organs and will be transitory and temporary.

Sometimes detox symptoms can mimic the very symptoms we have and seemingly aggravate them, but this will not or should not be something that lands you in a hospital. With something like ASEA that is 100% natural, native to the body and non-toxic, any reaction will necessarily be a detox reaction, as it does not intoxicate the body in any way, no matter what dose. You can drink a whole bottle in a day. The only thing that may happen is expensive urine, because you don’t need to take a whole bottle in one go, for it to work.

However, experts say that when very ill and debilitated, introduce things to the body very slowly and gradually so as to avoid, lesson and eliminate such detox, die-off reaction. Take the smallest of dose and gradually build your way up to where the body can tolerate the requisite dose, which is the (MED) minimum effective dose stated on the bottle. You will find the right amount for you, as you take it. Some people can only start off with few drops or pinches of things and some can go mega high in one go. We are all different and respond differently to things. No one-size-fits-all approach and sometimes, less is more and slow and steady can win the race too, depending on what finishing line we are aiming for.

Someone may feel they don’t need ASEA, as they are already feeling healthy and happy-go-lucky. Drinking ASEA can be an insurance policy. For me personally, it is about taking ASEA until I feel truly better and then some. Then I can take it every now and again to keep those redox signalling molecules ticking over in the body, in view of the toxic environment we are exposed to nowadays. But if after taking it and it does the repair work for you in such a way for you not to need taking it afterwards, then by all means, it’s at your own discretion to stop taking it until and if you feel the need again, which may or may not be so. When ASEA heals, it does so permanently unless we sabotage our health or compromise it which may propel us to take ASEA again.

From all that I’ve gathered in research and hearing testimonials, ASEA is helping the recovery process even on a SAD (standard American diet) or DED (daily English diet) or even with a PCN (politically correct nutrition) people are on, what to speak of when people adopt a good nutrient-dense diet. How much further ASEA will go and how much faster healing will take place.

ASEA in the words of Dr Samuelson ‘is a cellular performance optimiser, beneficial for plants, animals and humans and is biologically compatible with our bodies.’ It replenishes the cells reactive molecules and restores their ability to repair themselves. In an ill body it makes it good, in a good body it makes it better and in a better body, it makes it best. ASEA has not just taken people out of the woods with their condition, they assumed wings, if not immediately, later on. But it will positively influence your health one way or the other, whether at the recommended effective dose or an increase of the dose, given time. Dr Samuelson’s own words states: ‘ASEA is something that will help the body’s own processes to become more efficient and to work as they should, and give us the best life that we can, given the circumstances that we have been placed in at this point and that’s what we can offer.’

The question may be asked, ‘Is ASEA the only way to put back redox signalling molecules into the body?’ The body has a unique way of compensating for other deficiencies. Other treatment modalities can and is helping people who may have sufficient RSM going on or they may have sufficient glutathione (the cell-defender and master detoxifier) which prevents a backlog of toxins, pathogens etc. in their body. If you are down and out and at  rock bottom, then ASEA will help pull you up. If you are down and out and not in reach of ASEA, then other treatment modalities may help, depending on how your cells are functioning. All I can share is my own story and experience with taking ASEA.

It’s a sustainable product for decades to come if not lifetimes. We don’t foresee a rival and so ASEA own that niche of the market. I never wanted to represent any supplement or superfood for as soon as one comes out, it quickly gets lost in the stream of others immediately following after it. The other downside with supplements etc. is that they may help one person and not the other and so the impetus to share is limited. But with ASEA, everyone and the entire body is benefited; old, young animals and plants. There was a noble prize awarded for the genetics of the circadian rhythm (the internal process regulating the sleep-wake cycle in the physiology of every living entity), but ASEA influences the genetics of circadian rhythm, positively affects serotonin (the feel-good factor in the brain), increases glutathione to detox metals and other toxins, among a myriad of other genetic pathways in the body.

As I write these words, a leaflet is dropped through my letter box with the words ‘HOPE for a better future’ highlighted in bold.