The financial opportunity

The brilliant thing with this product is not only its astounding and staggering ability to heal the body, but also the viable and sustainable financial opportunity that comes along with it as a bonus. You get paid by getting others to use the product (s), with little effort of ½ an hour or even 15 minutes a day creating awareness with ASEA via your mobile phone or laptop on social media or just meeting people on the street. But the best way to do this is to have a sincere, genuine and honest story that reaches people on a human level. It may be your own story or personal experience or that of someone you know. People don’t like to be sold anything; not least the British public. It’s why our adverts often have a satirical edge to not come across as selling anything. People are fed up with others in their faces obliging them to buy something, especially when most people like myself, struggle financially. But if you have a genuine heartfelt story and people know you care, they will jump on that train with you too.

Mr Tyler’s opening mission statement in the 2018 Global Convention was ‘to better people’s lives and to be a force for good in the world.’ This company is not only marketing ASEA’s premier technology, but they are also redefining business concepts and retraining working professionals that you can be professional, you can make money but most importantly, you can be personal. A lot of businesses have adopted the first two, but personalism is almost always nowhere to be found. It becomes cold and soulless and a reservoir within which, everyone trades time for limited cash that goes largely into paying bills. ASEA has a soul. It’s warm, friendly and accommodating and meets all the criteria for what a good business should represent.

Usually in the work industry, it’s about what you can do for it, but with ASEA it’s about what it can do for you. And remember you will always come up against ill-informed, cynical, sceptical and ignorant people who will voice their unfounded opinions. However, there’s an old saying, ‘the dogs will bark, but the caravan will pass.’ We are anyway always advertising products for supplements company by way of sharing them with others unbeknown to them, but never get any reward for it. Here with ASEA, you get paid to share the information with others.

What attracted me to ASEA, apart from their unparalleled breakthrough health technology, is their people, principle, purpose approach over ego and economics. They turned down generational wealth that was offered to them to not make ASEA available to people and they turned it down for just a handful of people that were benefiting from it. Now, thousands are benefiting globally and with overwhelming gratitude to the founders for not allowing greed for money to overshadow their humanitarian integrity. It is because of the founders’ story, why people gravitate to them, for it it one to be heard and told again and again.

When you enrol as an Associate you get the opportunity to have your own ASEA business, with your own website and depending on how many people  you reach, that reflects in how much you get paid, which is in direct proportion to numbers reached. I am happy to guide you through with this side of it and share with you, what experience I have. Therefore, please get in touch with me on the ‘contact me’ section of my page. It may appear so complex and scary, but it is in fact very simple.