Dosage guidelines

The dose for taking ASEA redox will be different from person to person. Some have gotten tremendous results on just the recommended four ounces (120ml) a day. Others felt they have had to increase their dose by two ounce weekly or monthly, depending on budget to get the results they want. It’s up to how you feel as to whether you want to bump your dose up temporarily to get that shift in health and then you could back it down again to the recommended dose or a dose which is your sweet spot. This temporary bump up is just to get the body over the hump, boost the immune system and activate its dormancy. Your (UTL) upper tolerable level or (UML) upper maximum level could just be as small as 1oz (30ml) twice daily, due to sensitivity.  Different people are taking it for different conditions on different dosages and getting different results. It really all depends on what state your body is in.

Eat well and hydrate well. A well balanced diet to include fruits, little seeds and nuts, whole grains and lightly steamed vegetables, salads or sprouts is a good start. Hydrating liquids like vegetable juices, coconut water, fresh aloe-vera water or lemon water is a good way to hydrate. It will make your ASEA go a long way and speed up the healing process even faster, because remember ASEA is not a nutritional supplement. It just makes your cells function as they should. Dr N.W. Walker published (below) a brilliant little juicing book back in the 70s that gives a wonderful guide to juicing. It kept me alive. A little home test from way back in the days, to see if you are hydrated is to simply pinch the back of your hand and let it go. If the skin springs back into place immediately, you are hydrated. If it slowly settles back into position, then it’s likely your body is dehydrated on a cellular level. Vegetable juices quickly hydrate the body as they provide instant electrolytes and sodium in an organic and bio-available form. Some people who can’t be bothered to juice, use mineral drops or electrolyte drops. But whatever it is when juicing, only drink the juice and not the pulp. It’s the advice from Dr N.W. Walker:

ASEA tip: When drinking ASEA, ensure it’s taken on an empty stomach. I wait at least 1/2hr before eating or drinking anything and at least an hour after eating, so that nothing interferes with its absorption. You can also place a few drops of ASEA liquid, using a clean dropper, into your eyes, ears and nostrils or spray it on your skin on any affected area. From my own experience, it’s very soothing to the eyes and clears the eyes.

There is a saying ‘people don’t care how much you know and until they know how much you care.’ It is a something I bear in mind when sharing anything with anyone. I took the time to carefully and selectively gather all informative links (even when I was still not out with woods with my symptoms), so that we can get acquainted and educated about ASEA, before we become convinced about trying it. Even so, one may still be in trepidation until one can experience the effects first hand. I perused all of them, over time, so please take the time to do also. Rather than me frying my pea brain trying to explain something so monumental, above and beyond, I discernibly feature relevant links for you all to get a deeper insight into ASEA, what is it and what it can do for your body, internally and externally and why we need it. One thing you may all share in common with some people, is scepticism and one thing ASEA can for sure cure, is scepticism.