My story

When drinking ASEA

In the peak of my illness someone handed me an A4 sheet with a quirky drawing that read ‘don’t ever give up; ever!’ At the time I thought, ‘what is this going to do for my health?’ But as time went on, the message stuck in my head – not to give up or loose hope.

I indirectly, came across ASEA when searching for something to help with some gut problems. I have discussed this in my post called ‘ASEA – how to take it’. I’d tried everything under the sun to regain my health, but nothing was working. In fact, I got even worse to a point where I could hardly throw some vegetables in a blender before I collapsed from extreme fatigue; not to mention the myriad of other debilitating symptoms I was enduring. This is considering that I was doing all the right things and eating all the right foods.

ASEA is a new cutting edge field of medicine, which has been around apparently for about ten years and is a liquid solution in a bottle, generated from two ingredients; (ultra purified water and high grade salt). The word ASEA means ‘from the sea’ or ‘originating from the sea.’ Anyhow, I had glanced at the name and almost resigned it with the myriad of other supplements I came across, thinking ‘oh, here we go again with yet another supplement that does nothing to shift my symptoms.’ But intuitively, I felt pulled to at least, if even briefly, browse over what it was, which led to me to a wordpress blog of someone and from there, my own healing journey with ASEA, began. Things were beginning to move forward for the first time, with my many, many years of chronic symptoms.

The wonderful thing with ASEA is that, you don’t have to make drastic changes to your diet for it to work. However, it’s advisable that you eat nutritiously, rest, reduce stress and hydrate to optimise its efficacy, as it’s not a nutritional supplement. Remember, ASEA is 100% non-toxic. Anything you might experience with it, will only be detox symptoms, which is a good sign that the body is healing itself. ASEA will not be the monster. It can’t hurt you. The liquid works anywhere from between 1-90 days and the topical gel works within 10 minutes on discomfort areas.

For me, ASEA was the missing link to my recovery and stubborn symptoms. Depending on whether redox signalling molecules are at their optimum in the body, different treatment modalities will help a diversity of people with different conditions according to their bio-individuality, as we live in an ever changing Meta systemic approach to health. I’m not here to say it is the only way forward in getting better, but if you’ve found yourself at the end of your tethers having lost hope in ever recovering fully, then ASEA may be that missing piece of the puzzle for you too.

When speaking of chronic and acute diseases, almost all of the time it’s due to damaged or dysfunctional cells. Throughout my debilitating symptoms, I kept asking myself one question. ‘Has my body lost its way in how to repair itself?’ I felt there was something fundamentally wrong with my body’s ability to heal but couldn’t quite understand why, when I was giving it all that I could to heal it. I came from a place of believing that the body could regenerate itself, given the right ingredients, to a place of hopelessness that it cannot. That local principle and operative term was missing – ‘redox signalling molecules’ which is ASEA. It jump-started my body from repair deficit into healing mode, as it offered what I nicknamed Bio MD or Bio MI, (biological mass distribution/infusion) of these cell signalling molecules into the body. ROS – redox signalling molecules.

Different factors switches our genes off and make them stop working. In redox bio-chemistry, the epigenetics or the gene expression of switching itself on and off, an optimally working cell is able ‘to protect, detect, repair and replace itself,’ as in the words of Dr G. Samuelson whose pdf you can peruse here:  – These redox molecules (doctor in a bottle), switches the genes back on and up-regulates them. Here him speak here in a short video: – disregard the last few seconds of the video, which is irrelevant and non-related to the doctor’s message.

Renu28 skin gel story

It’s a pity I didn’t take some before and after photos with renu28. As within a week already of using renu28, I started noticing its effects and as the weeks went on, renu28 was proving to honour what it claimed to do for skin regeneration within 28 days, which is why they named it renu28. I had a type of skin problem, exactly as wide and long as the first two joints of my middle finger, just below my ankle on both sides of my right heel. It was something that appeared when I was staying in the peak of my illness with others, as I never had such a problem with my heels before. I would pare/file it down and it would grow back even more hard, unsightly and uneven in shape, making me self-conscious. This went on for nearly a decade, until I decided to pare it back once more and used renu28 to enhance the healing. By week three and nearly the end of week four, my right heel was almost the same as the left heel. It was healing phenomenally. Now, three months later, I hardly notice there was a problem with my heel. I’ve also been using the gel for other areas of discomfort and the results are nothing short of astonishing. This for me was a vivid confirmation that the gel also works and I thought if the gel can do that to my heel, what is the liquid doing inside my body. Best to go to a podiatrist to have any paring done, as I don’t advice anyone to do so at home, in case you cut yourself. I did my own, as I was able to.

It is highly recommended to take an inventory of your health situation before you take the products and chart your progress as you go along for any noticeable changes. ASEA can’t hurt you because it’s 100% non-toxic, you can’t overdose on it and it does not interact with anything you take. It is native to our bodies and can be given to plants and animals, alike.