Supportive tips

When taking ASEA, someone may ask about water intake and it’s something I’ve been considering for more than two decades. How much is sufficient water? One expert on the medical panel of ASEA, advises to measure your body weight and divide into half and that’s how much water in ounces one should drink a day. Of course, if one is drinking other liquids, this needs be taken into consideration also. I drank a lot of water for years and eventually became dehydrated, as my cells were still not functioning properly on a cellular level. It seemed the water was diluting my sodium and electrolytes a lot, as my urine would become so pale. Not least, I developed a strange astringent, tingling, saltish taste in my mouth and would often wake up with dry eyes, as a result of pre-quenching my thirst.

When I was growing up in the very hot climate of the Caribbean, I used to drink only when I’m thirsty. There was never a time, when I travelled with a water bottle to school or anywhere. I drank either other liquids or water when I felt for it and I was never ever anywhere in the level of bodily distresses my body was yielding, as it did when I came to the West just after the 80s. Even when I came, I still wasn’t on some water mission to drink, drink, drink a lot of water, as that notion never got into my head. I used to do keep-fit training, weight lifting and jogging, going to the sauna and steam and yes, I would drink some level of water, when I felt for it. But never guzzling down water like a cow and pre-quenching my thirst when by body didn’t ask for it and I still was not experiencing the level of distress my body had yield prior to this. It was only when I was victim of severe domestic violence from a family member, my health began to gradually decline and my body lost its way. I too lost my way, as I didn’t know what exactly was wrong.

If you observe a cow, a cat or dog on how they drink water, you will see they drink only when they are thirsty. You don’t go forcing water down their throat because of the notion to guzzle down x amount of water a day. Sometimes you go to a sauna or steam and you will feel thirsty and therefore you drink water. If you get very thirsty all the time, then of course drink water with lemon or lime juice in it and or some vegetable hydrating juices. I can’t say exactly what others should and should not do. I just know in my case, focusing on water, water, water, wasn’t doing it for me. It was messing up my digestive juices and fire and created a domino effect of ama (undigested foods).  Now, this could have been because my cells were not optimized in my own body’s natural redox molecules, but as I take ASEA, I see improvements with my digestion. My body mass index was below par and so, in my case I felt the need for nourishment to bring my body mass up to the requisite threshold, as I was very thin. I needed to eat more nourishing meals; not drink a lot of water every blessed day when I didn’t feel for it.

If I spent the whole day drinking water, I have no room to eat, as the water filled up my stomach and quenched my hunger. Some people have a good digestive system, wherein they burn up foods quickly and some have sluggish or slower metabolic system, wherein they process foods slower. The point is not to force your body. How much you can take, depends on how much you feel you can take. I come from a family line of camels; people who don’t drink so much water and these people live long lives with only superficial health problems because they don’t take care of their health the best way they should. There is a cousin of mine living in a very hot country and hardly drinks water and her health is fine. She is not ending up in the hospital because of dehydration. My older brother recovered from severe mental illness hardly drinking any water. All his liquids were mainly sweet, sugary ones; he hardly ate fruits or vegetables and was not on any special diet or taking supplements and medications. We have to take everything into consideration when considering what is best suited for our bodies and body type and what is going on with our bodies.

Everyone is different and have different body types. Some require more water and some require other hydrating liquids like those I mention. I was pre-quenching my thirst, so I was never allowing my body to naturally get thirsty before I drink. This article may give some insight as to drinking water and the colour of urine:

Be aware that when taking B vitamins, they make your urine turn yellow, even if they are non-synthetic. This link give you a guide of how urine colour should be within a healthy range:

Quirky, but handy link guide:

Ancient Ayurveda says to drink water an hour before meals or at least two hours away from main meals. If you eat three square meals a day and follow this guideline, how on Earth will the stomach receive litres of hydrating liquids plus litres of water in a day without some distress or adverse reaction?

Some medical experts advised that only when the body is alkaline can it detox from toxins and so it’s important to maintain an alkaline level. You can purchase ph strips to measure the first morning urine. However, as ASEA also work in the body like an adaptogen, it alkalises where it needs to and acidify where it needs to. The experts found that what exercise can do for the body’s oxygen level and lymph movement, ASEA does that too. When we are too ill, fatigued and have adrenal depletion, we are not able to exercise. With ASEA, you can just relax and rest and observe healing taking place.

Depending on budget and how your body feels, you can incorporate things like dry brushing to get the lymphatic system mobilised. For five minutes and before you shower, you use one of those bath brushes with the long handle and brush from the head and neck downwards towards the waist, and then from the feet upwards towards the waist. You only need to go over the skin once, every time you do it. Brush as firmly as you feel comfortable. This simple technique is also good for cellulite. Or you can go to a sauna or steam to enhance the detox process. Another option is magnetic clay baths. LL’s magnetic clay baths is a good brand I use, but make sure you don’t soak in chlorine water. Get a shower filter you attach to your shower house and run the water from the hose into your bath and in this way, your water is filtered. However, very importantly, whenever you use clay baths, do ensure to run enough water after the bath to flush out the drain pipes, so as not to clog up stack pipes in your block or home. The same goes for when doing oil pulling, that you don’t spit the oil down the sink, as oil and water don’t mix. It simply clogs up stack pipes. It really isn’t something pleasant when people pour down oils and fats into sinks.

You could even mix up other healing clays or mud with water and apply to the body and allow it dry. In this way, toxins are pulled out via the skin, then rinse off. Same rule applies of flushing out the bath with sufficient water. Or one can have a soak in Epsom salts you can get everywhere now for bathing. You can use two cups of Epsom salts in the bath water. It also helps rid the body of toxins via the skin. Medical Medium suggests his heavy metal detox smoothie you can view on his website, to help bring out the metals relatively faster, though this is optional, as ASEA does this by itself by way of it exponentially increasing glutathione; the master antioxidant and maestro of the immune system, that aids in a lot of things, including the removal of toxins such as heavy metals from the body. When the cells are working properly, the body makes its own glutathione; just the same way it makes enzymes and hydrochloric acid, which ASEA facilitates tremendously. There is also a product I used to take called HMD which was generated by a Naturopath in Cyprus. Their products are available globally.

Supposing you are not able to get ASEA due to where you are located, then in that case, you might try something like sun gazing if the sun shines sufficiently where you are. In the UK, we hardly get the sun anymore, so I could not maintain this therapy. You can get insight on how to harness the energy of the sun, to heal your body from this expert octogenarian I was in touch with. He lives on the energy of the sun:

Some people take chlorella growth factor or chlorella with growth factor in it, as not all chlorella are the same. Dr Maureen Hayes says nitric oxide is one of the best redox molecules supplements you can get on the market. But this will be specific to certain biological systems and can become toxic in high doses, unlike ASEA which is non-specific, covers all bio-chemical pathways and systems of the body and is not toxic at any dose or prolonged use. Unless it’s ASEA and related products of ASEA, consult your health care provider on the use of supplements like nitric oxide, as there is a risk of toxicity and contraindication.

There are many therapies out there and people can and will get tremendous results with them. Some will either get optimum results, for some it will be marginal, some will merely plateau, some will get no results and for others, their condition may worsen. However, unless the cells are effective and working efficiently, one will only be treating the symptom and not the root cause and why many conditions come back. Some people have sufficient redox signalling molecules in their body and so they will find that other things work for them. Some people may have a depletion of RSM only in certain areas of their body and so certain treatment plans may help them recover. However, in my case, my ROS was severely depleted in every aspect, such that my body was in repair deficit on account of accelerated cell death due to pathogens, toxins, stress and deficiencies. I needed to replace those molecules, desperately, as nothing I tried was working on any level. My cells were seemingly senescent and therefore my body seemed it had lost its way in how to repair itself and so RSM saved me.

How did I know I had those negative influences affecting my body? Well, had many tests done by different Naturopaths, who ran comprehensive tests to ascertain what was going on with my body and each test results showed up different irregularities. From this, I got a better understanding of what I was dealing with, because my G.P. or hospital wasn’t doing or ever going to do the level of testing I needed. I just did not have an effective treatment modality that did anything much to bring my body out of repair deficit, for those tests did not show up a depletion of RSM. I just saw that my cells were damaged, dysfunctional and in a tragic state from one particular live blood test I had done.