Many peoples’ reaction to the price of ASEA will be ‘it’s a bit expensive.’ I understand, but so are other supplements on the market and treatment modalities. Even one private consultation, alone, costs a lot. But think of it this way. Can you afford to be unwell for the rest of your life? Are the protocols you are on or have been on, works or have worked to eliminate those challenging health conditions? Considering that you have been spending so much money on supplements or treatment modalities, this product could potentially eliminate those extra costs or cut them back and in this way you could have that extra money to focus on taking ASEA with a good diet, rest, reduction of stress and good hydration. I personally don’t have the luxury of money to go around and I couldn’t afford to be in so much discomfort and distress for the rest of my life. On ASEA I scaled back on other things that weren’t working anyway.

There is a caveat when purchasing ASEA that you will come up against in the UK and Italy. You cannot spend more than £200 on your INITIAL cost, but after the initial cost and 8 days later, you can spend as much as you like and thereafter, buy as normal. ASEA comes with a 30 day money-back-guarantee, providing all postage requirements are met when returning items to the nearest distribution centre. However, any damages in transit to receiver will be replaced by ASEA.

When buying or joining, you get the option to be on auto-ship which means you accrue points you can use against future orders or free products depending on which route you take to join. But be aware that auto-ship means they will ship on the day of your auto-ship date and not that the product will arrive that day, which means, ensure you have enough of your products to tie you over until the shipment arrives few days or so after your auto-ship date, depending on how fast your delivery service is. Best to arrange your auto-ship on a weekday, as ASEA in Utah, dealing with all transactions, is not open on weekends.

You can get ASEA and related products in many countries. Please contact me for any further queries you may have. I spoke to someone in the company and they told me they don’t distribute ASEA directly to the public. The product (s) is not sold in any retail outlet and also they don’t distribute via amazon or ebay. If you see it on amazon or the like, it means someone is maybe getting rid of expired products, or products could have been purchased fraudulently or counterfeited, so just be aware. That’s why I’ve included an official enrolment/purchasing link from which you get the option to select which country you are in and be sent the product from the nearest distribution centre, located in or near your country.

To sum up ASEA:

It’s 100% money-back guarantee. It’s 100% non-toxic. You can’t overdose on it. It doesn’t interact with anything you ingest. It’s native to the body. It detects, protects, repairs and replenish damaged cells. ASEA  is the ONLY company in world which has been able to stabilize RSM outside the body, through their patented technology. The discovery of Redox Signaling Molecules and eventual ability to stabilize them in a solution outside the human body has taken nearly two decades to accomplish.  ASEA is the product of this discovery and the millions of dollars and years of research spent to date.

You can purchase here via my link:

However, I would love to hear from you in my ‘contact me’ section of my website, so that I can guide you through the purchasing process, step by step or for any further information or questions you may have.

I used to fantasise about stem cell therapy, which everyone knows is so impossibly expensive. Imagine to have the benefits of this and more, from drinking ASEA for the price of a consultation or for some people, a dinner at a good restaurant?