How to take it

Firstly, some increased the recommended dose and some stayed on the recommended dose and some even went below the recommended dose, depending on sensitivity. One can titrate according to how they feel and as their budget allows.  It’s 100% non-toxic and an increase amount will do no harm. Every supplement and even food, have the potential to create toxicity in the body. Not ASEA. It’s just a question of whether it’s expensive urine; taking more than your body needs. So, go with it as you feel. I can’t personally say increase it or not. I had to increase my dose after a month, as even though there were some little changes in terms of my energy levels, I still wasn’t experiencing significant shifts in the areas I need it. So, I increased my doses, which I spread over a day. It is highly recommended to give it at least three months to see results.

ASEA will act on different people in different ways depending on what is going on in their body. Some have elevated levels of heavy metal toxicity and this takes a little time to be eliminated from the body. Some may just have a case of nutritional or glutathione deficiency, some pathogens and other toxins, traumas etc. or a mixture of the above. However it is, will affect how quicker or slower ASEA works on the body. But it will work, even when you may think it’s not working. Here is what to expect when taking ASEA from Dr Ward:

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Taking magnesium like lifestream brand, which is a natural marine source, can help in bowel movements. Also, raw baby-leaf spinach soup or spinach juice is very effective for bowel movements . In fact, it is very beneficial for the colon and bowels in its raw state. Celery juice facilitates in bowel movements as well as senna leaf tea.

Some experts suggest to heal the gut and gut lining before taking ASEA, so as to lesson die-off/herxheirmer reaction, though from many testimonials using ASEA, it has helped such gut issues.  I used to take live colostrum, but one product I temporarily took alongside ASEA was a product called Restore. It was the product that first led me to ASEA. It improves the tight junctions in the gut lining but it is only specific to the gut. You can read about Restore here:

ASEA is for the entire system, as it’s non-specific. ASEA supports cellular function, which means it will make whatever supplements and nutrition you give your body, work much better or work when they seem not to. Good nutrition and or relevant whole food or bio-available supplements, are important for cellular efficiency when taking ASEA, as it is not a nutritional supplement. Adopt a diet that’s suitable for your bio-individuality.

It’s almost comical to realise that some years back I was taking frequensea, also sea related and a supercharged supplement supposedly to help in major health spectrums. I didn’t realise my RSM was depleted at the time, so it didn’t quite do much for me at the time; nothing did. There are some good supplements out there and companies with integrity. Just avoid those ones that are diluted with fillers, binders etc. and can potentially contain contaminants. I often ask for a PSDS (product safety data sheet) when in doubt. Good companies will often share this information or have this on their website somewhere. By the way, progurt probiotic sachet is good probiotic if you feel the need. Of course, other (CFU) colony forming ones are on the market too, so depending on your budget.

Some people find that when taking Restore, they are able to again eat those food items that once caused negative reactions. Something to explore, but it goes very well with ASEA, though not a must and is optional. ASEA has the ability to do what Restore can do, but in case you are in a very bad way with your health and digestion, you can add Restore to the regime temporarily or simply increase the ASEA dose or plough on at the recommended dose and give it sufficient time to work its magic; at least three months minimum on ASEA. Again, it’s up to  you to increase your dose, as others have done and claimed phenomenal shifts in their health.

If you are not able to afford ASEA or Restore, you could take liposomal glutathione or ACG (advanced cellular glutathione) or NAC which increases glutathione in the body and see how this works for you. You may have enough RSM in the body and your cells working well to utilise one of these. Take one or the other and not both at the same time, though. However, they are not so readily absorbed by the body, as your own body is supposed to make glutathione; the master antioxidant that facilitates the elimination of toxins from the body, which ASEA increases.

IMPORTANT: Never mix ASEA with any other substance as it will denature it. Drink only from the plastic cup provided in your shipment, a clean paper cup or a glass cup. Do not drink ASEA straight from the bottle, to prevent contamination. It is not sensitive to heat or cold, so you can store it as you wish. When using Renu28, shake well before use. Everyone’s skin type is different and even though the gel is 100% natural containing only four ingredients, some people’s skin may still be sensitive to it. If you experience any kind of sensitivity, naturally discontinue use on the face, but I find it brilliant on other areas for other purposes. I used to have searing discomfort in my upper shoulder and neck, due a past whiplash damage. After applying the gel twice daily, I gradually found it’s getting better and better, significantly.