And animals

I have a male cat who loves the outdoors. Of course, this means he comes into to contact with other animals like the foxes, squirrels and other cats patrolling the area he navigates. He was regularly wormed and fleed; though not too much, as I don’t like him having all that chemical in his system. Anyhow, he came down with some severe itching on his body, where he would be scratching constantly and discharging hairs everywhere on account of him scratching the itch. At first I thought it were flees, but I had just not to long fleed him. It seemed his body was stressed with something bothering him for a few weeks. He wasn’t sleeping well and seemed tired, withdrawn and just not his prior playful self of going into the garden.

I understood that ASEA can be given to plants, animals and humans. So, I poured a little of my ASEA into a cap from an empty water bottle and used a clean dropper I had in my cupboard to suck up what amounted to two dropper full about a teaspoon. My cat never ever scratched me when I need to force feed him something for his own good. He doesn’t like it, but he also knows that I’m not out to harm him, so he somehow tolerates and allow me to back him up in a corner of my window sill to gently hold his head and squirt the ASEA liquid in the side of his mouth. Usually, if it’s anything bitter, he will salivate all over the place, but he didn’t with ASEA or with anything non-bitter. I gave him ASEA like this once a day.

In the first week, he was sleeping better, in fact a lot, as I felt his body was detoxing just like humans do. However, when he was awake, he would be perky, bright and playful. For years he would not play with anything about the house, like his toys or the like. On ASEA, he finds everything a potential toy and starts to go mad playing about with them. It was amazing to see him like this, as for years he was going on, but a bit sedate and not happy-perky. I continued to give him the ASEA like above and watch him continue to be sparkly and playful.

You can use renu28 on animals if you can afford to, but spraying the ASEA on the skin of wounds, cuts, bruises, etc on your animal, will do the same job, as what’s in renu28 is basically the same as the ASEA. Renu28 is just a more concentrated form of ASEA. Just don’t give renu28 orally to animals, plants or humans. It’s for topical use only. It’s just that it’s in a convenient gel for easier application. But if you are on a budge, you can use a little of your ASEA water in a clean spray bottle. Here in the UK, we can get small cosmetic type spritzer bottles everywhere.

N.B. When having to force feed your cat medicine or anything for their health, always do so from the side of their mouths to avoid choking.