Relevantly on chemtrails

Sad, but true…


Clouds…without silver linings – (in relation to the poisonous chemtrails/contrails diffused in our air)

Then we see, then we don’t see

their ghostly existence

thriving on the innocence of nature

like menacing vipers, kissing the sky

gentler, gentler


Masked by their own insidious vapours

controlling the destiny of many

diffuses from aircrafts

appearing like innocuous entities

infusing the air with breathe

with mind-provoking mists

drizzling gentler, gentler


Above the nervous market

in pursuit of a resolution

nurtured by an oblivious populace

maligned in unpopular austerities

within the palms of sweeping powers

who revolves around punitive dispenses

The clouds, like withered waifs

falls gentler, gentler 


As sorrow on the bosom of the earth

the hollow sound of reflected glory

blurs the distinction between fame and infamy

that plagues awakened souls

who sees them fall

gentler, gentler, gentler

More on this geoengineering saga below on this link, called ‘what in the world are they spraying?’ – the throes, life throws us.


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