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The basic breakdown of how nano soma works in the body.

It doesn’t interact with medications; you can’t overdose on it; it does not become toxic at any dose and is what the body needs in order to perform the array of biological functions it needs to.
From what I’ve understood in my communications with the doctors, it replaces supplements and medications in the way it works, because it brings back homeostasis to the body it is supposed to have and a little goes a very long way. Whatever is not supposed to be in the body, it helps the body get rid of it. Whatever it is and whatever the condition is called. You may find that you will not need any supplements or medications as the body’s healing process gains momentum. Even with gut health and good bacteria, it naturally upregulates gut milieu and microbiome, by way of the nutrient-sensing gene receptors it switches on.

Depending on the severity of symptoms, you can spray it just once a day, or twice a day, under the tongue. It may just take a bit longer to see the results, once a day with severe symptoms, but it may not, also. It depends on the origin of our illness. With nano soma, it’s not about the quantity so much. It works at the level of one picogram, (which is one trillionth of a gram). This translates as one spray of nano soma being suspended in 200,000 sprays of water and that amount expresses all the genes. It is said that simplicity is the ultimate art of sophistication, which nano soma reflects. It’s not homeopathy, but nano technology.

Policosanol, found naturally in nature, is in certain supplements in its macro form, used for certain limited bio markers like cholesterol. The policosanol in nano soma is suspended in the glacial waters of Switzerland in nano form, which is when the magic happens. It does not work with any other water. When all the genes are expressed, then also the magic of healing begins. It can be given to animals at 2-3 sprays dose, once a day on their food, water or dropped into their mouth. Or spray it on the nose of dogs and they will lick it off. I put a drop in each eye. It stings for about 7-10 seconds and then wears off. I also put a few drops each in my ears and I also spray it once into each nostril. It can be sprayed topically for anything going on on the surface of the skin. Underlying ill health stems from dysfunctional cells, but when we fix the cell, we get well. Nano soma facilitates this healing process, immeasurably. šŸ™

P.S I highly recommend to please view all the videos, in the post yesterday, as they are very educational in how nano soma works and it works on the entire system. Unlike other things that may be tested against few genetic pathways, nano soma is tested to express all genetic pathways. If wish to try it, do use this authentic link I got from the founder and associated doctor.

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