Some Insightful Links on the Plandemic

ITNJ’s emergency tribunal hearings on the global status quo first hearing* second hearing * third hearing* Dr Rashid Buttar & Dr Judy Mikovits 4th hearing* 5th hearing* 6th hearing*  Andrew Wakefield & Dr. Sherri Tenpenny on the baleful effects of vaccination and the irreversible damages. 7th hearing* on vaccine, track and trace and wearing masks. A GLOBAL SUMMIT COMING UP – MUST SEE

The Summit:

Must see!! Sound words from the Sheriff. Hopefully, UK will do the same when more people wake up.

Extra links for doctors thought-provoking another good one for doctors Dr Mikovits exposing the status quo  Delores and Mikovits together in an interview bringing hope for a day of reckoning. Putting the status quo into perspective from Dr Shiva. A St. Lucian interview on the status quo What is racism in reality An Italian Parliament on fire against vaccines. The truth being quelled as the situation goes on. All reading the same scripts…–aR5xbQ9LMQ4wM8cNpTOrra_0g  A wake-up call, cry from Dr Rashid. the battle for humanity

EXTRA EXTRA VIDEOS  Video at the end of link a must-see!

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