An experience with drinking these molecules

The last time I made a post on some molecules I featured in the one just below this, but I thought to finally share my experience drinking them in this short 11mins video. Forgive the lighting as I’m not a professional video-maker. It’s just something I did spontaneously, because several people were encouraging me to share my story, which I  was very reserved about. Anyhow, here is my journey so far drinking them.

In the text section of the video, there are a few links of health experts discussing it in more detail, as to why they are important for cellular health. The science validation, including the the gene study reports, antioxidant reports, safety study reports etc. are all found in the text section of the short science video you will come across. 

AND here are more related videos on my channel in which experts explains the importance of the molecules in more detail:

In the ‘about’ section as well as on the cover photo/channel art, my global website through which people get the product technology, is featured. If we don’t fix the cell, we can’t get well.

Wishing everyone an auspicious New Year.

P.S. Here are some compliant testimonials on it: Before and after photos:

Feel invited to send me an email which is located in the ‘contact’ section of my page. 


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