The missing piece to good health

I did mention in my last post, that I would share with you all something on health that has been helping me to recover. I thought long and hard how to introduce what is a unique, consumable, bio-health technology from a different perspective; my own perspective. I felt compelled to share something that may just be the ‘missing link’ to our chronic and acute health conditions which stems from cellular dysfunction or damaged cells. We live and die at a cellular level and as our bodies are made up of trillions of cells, we may then ask, how is this product technology differ from every other treatment modality out there and why is it relevant for me? “All major health problems have this one thing in common; they all involve damaged cells. If all cells were perfectly healthy, there would be no health problems.” Dr G. Samuelson

As we’ve been inundated and drowning in an ocean of supplements, protocols, treatment modalities, etc. we become almost indifferent, if not sceptical, cynical, afraid or sarcastic about yet another tool for healing. It’s understandable, especially if we have lost hope in ever getting better with our various and multiple health issues. Still, I feel obliged to share this information about a revolutionary and unparalleled, breakthrough cutting-edge technology that is helping me (and many others around the globe) tremendously, in recovering our very debilitated and death-defying health condition, when nothing else we’ve tried, helped. And I tried everything I could within my power and capacity. Imagine being in 24 unyielding distressing hours a day in excruciating pain from the head to the toes, with a myriad of symptoms, for nearly a decade; other symptoms more than two decades. I don’t know I managed to stay alive. It’s the reason why I have not been so active on my blog.

Anyhow, I became an Associate of a biotech company that has developed a new, very unique, scientific and revolutionary, beyond cutting edge technology in a drinkable liquid, beneficial for humans (no matter the age or health condition), plants and animals. It’s not a drug. It’s not another formula, herbal or a nutritional supplement. It’s not oil, liquid oxygen, ozone water, magnetized water or holy water. However, it’s NATIVE TO THE BODY! 100% non-toxic, does not interact with anything you ingest and you can’t overdose on it. It’s non-specific and does not require prescription. The concentrated gel (made from the same flagship technology) works in perfect synergy, as the liquid works from the inside out, while the gel works from the outside in, to restore your cells back to how they should function. This transformational technology is as significant as the discovery of DNA and penicillin, if not greater. It goes even deeper than stem cell therapy.

It a bio health technology that goes beyond nutrition and ingredients, yet can impact your health at a very profound level and at a depth that nothing else has ever come close to achieving. Based on a new frontier of science,  it is changing the landscape of health, anti-ageing and athletics on a global scale. It caught my attention because of how it was transforming the lives of others, until it did mine too. The science is very compelling and the business model, which may or may not be for you, is also very attractive because of it endearing ethos. Thousands of health care and medical professionals are now recommending and using this technology for the health of their patients.

Health experts determine that diseases stem from dysfunctional and damaged cells and trillions of cells are what our bodies are made up of. Thus increasing regenerative efficiencies will almost give us the edge to win. What I have my hands on, is the single-most powerful health science breakthrough on the planet, native to our cells, which gives our bodies the greatest chance of recovery.  Here some compliant testimonials on: AND the multipurpose gel works brilliantly also on topical areas of discomfort. Here my own 11mins experience of them here:

Please get in touch, where it says ‘contact me’ above on my pages, if you would like to try this health technology, which quite frankly, every human being should know about.

Wishing you all, well-being.



I am obliged to attach this disclaimer as per legal constrictions: I make no medical claim to diagnose, cure, treat or prevent any disease or medical condition and it’s the same disclaimer you will find associated with other treatment modalities. What I represent are cellular messengers that replenish our declining supply and thus enable the body to function at its most foundational level, by increasing cellular efficiency, restoring them to their normal integrity and various functions, by clarifying and amplifying the communication between all cells, thereby allowing the body to do what it was designed to do to heal itself. It’s how anyone affiliated with treatment modalities has presented themselves, being constrained by legal restrictions. In fact, all alternative health abides by these algorithms. It’s just the way it is in today’s world.


10 thoughts on “The missing piece to good health

  1. This is very interesting. I’ve never heard of this before but I will be looking into this. I see from the videos that medicine may be moving in the direction of possibly changing molecular structures in the body, which can possibly influence DNA. I wonder if there are longitudinal studies on this to see how it has developed and helped over time.

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