How To Counteract Radiation

My posts are few and far between, simple due to the throes of life and tasks at hand. But when I do, I try to keep them informative and helpful within the remits of my theme relating to health and well-being, bhakti yoga and writing. This is yet another short post in view of the 5G discussions taking place; a video of which I feature here purely to educate and share. This is someone on facebook who has a better insight into what 5G all means and how it will affect us, as I personally have very little idea about modern technology. I’m one of those old fashioned people, who prefer the good old ways and good old days.

Anyhow, the person in the video seems to know much about this new influence of radiation into our network system, not excluding that of our elctro-magnetic field.

The next concern is how to counteract radiation influx? Well, there are several ways and many people are finding their own way around it. In my immediate post below, Anthony William (medical medium) shared a recipe in one of his four books, I have. It’s a tea made with equal parts of atlantic kelp, atlantic dulse, nettle leaf and dandelion leaf. He recommends one tablespoon steep in a cup of water and drink. But I rather steep two teaspoons each of nettle and dandelion leaf (not the root) in a cup of boiling water; good filtered or bottled water. Then strain and add 1/2 teaspoon of kelp and 2 teaspoon of dulse flakes to the water and drink it all down, as you don’t want to strain off kelp and dulse and discard all that goodness. That’s one option. Drinking aloe vera juice also detoxes radiation, which is another option.

You can also buy grounding mats, bands, sheets and devices when using laptops, computers and mobile phone to neutralise and pull out radiation or if you live in a hot climate, gently pace about on soil bare feet for 45mins a day. This is not so easy in a place like London where I am, as often it’s cold, rainy, damp and windy, so the soil is not warm enough to walk on. Waling on grass is not the same as walking on bare soil. Don’t walk on cold soil, as you can catch a cold. Only when heated up by the sun, if you are lucky to get it.

Apart from this, there isn’t much more I have to add for now. So, I will wish everyone an auspicious upcoming summer.

Blessed be 🙂

Again, if you see unrelated ads appearing at the end of my posts, they are put there by wordpress admin by default and so nothing I can do about them, unfortunately.

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