Secrets Behind Chronic Illnesses

This will be a short post, as I will let the information on this few minutes video link, speak for itself.

One may say ‘here we go again with yet another hype,’ but this is not just some guy taking advantage of our ignorance with chronic ill health and selling a book to make a quick buck. At first, I was sceptical, but only briefly, until when I perused the blogs and listened to relevant archive podcasts on his website. I was amazed at the unparalleled wealth of practical information given for free, that you may or may not even need to purchase the book/s. But I heartily recommend, as least the medical medium one, if you are going to get any of them.

Almost always, we are told by medical science and by the medical industry, that there isn’t a cure for this disease or that disease and that it can only be managed with medications. However, when you know exactly where your chronic or mystery illness originates from (both physical and mental) and you have an effective protocol with which to get well, (even on a string budget) you begin to regain hope and healing is on its way. How many of us have gone to countless medical professionals or sought alternative health modalities, spending extortionate amounts of money to no avail? How many of us have said to ourselves ‘I’m done trying or have become exhausted and losing the will to live (a life worth having or have a life worth living?)

Well, here is some light at the end of what is seeming to be a very dark and long tunnel. One of his all time recommendations to start the healing process, no matter what fancy name the medical professionals have labelled our illness, is freshly made celery juice, drunk immediately on an empty stomach, without the pulp. But it doesn’t stop here, there are much much more on his website on how to tackle the various symptoms or diagnosis we are given. Check out his podcasts here and listen to as many as you feel relevant. But in each of them, there is something new to learn.

How to gently, safely and effectively detox from heavy metals:

What I’ve learned from all my research over 20 years, as well as greatly substantiated with the information coming from this blessed and kind soul, is that our illnesses i.e. chronic illness, are either an alloy or one of these evils of pathogens like malefic viruses and bacteria wreaking havoc in our bodies, deficiencies caused by these pathogens, environmental toxins including electro-smogs, dehydration and poor diets. These causes the organs to malfunction and disrupts the nervous system, creating the catalogue of symptoms we are afflicted with.

All I’m doing here is paying it forward by passing on the information, like thousands are doing, so that we all can get some respite from our chronic condition; even if just one person may have a chance of finally healing. Because like any of you, I too, do know what it’s like to live with debilitating and harrowing symptoms. But now, there is hope for healing.

Look out for Anthony William’s new book called Liver Rescue, coming out by end of October this year. None of his books are only about the title; they contain much more information. I’ve gotten all three books and can’t wait for the fourth!

Wishing you a successful and healing journey and remember…


O course, some people find they can eat and drink anything and not have any health problems. It all depends on how pathogenic and toxic a body is and how dormant or active pathogens and toxins are.


7 thoughts on “Secrets Behind Chronic Illnesses

  1. Thanks for the information. I was just telling my sibling who has Lupus. How I want to detox from all toxins and utilize a natural healthy diet and exercise and mind therapy such as meditation and yoga. I am an MSer and have been for 8 years and I desire change.

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  2. I can definitely feel it after I eat greasy foods. My body becomes soar and stiff. I also develop flu like symptoms, sometimes. It’s to the point that I eat healthy cause I’m so afraid of becoming sick. I used to love chocolate cake, but now, the sight of it brings so much anxiety. I guess it good cause I’m forced to eat healthy, but honestly, I miss indulging in sweet snacks. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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