Heavy Metals Detox

I posted some time ago, a video on chemtrails, in which some suggestions were mentioned to detox those toxins. I will post it again at the end of the post, along with few other links that may be of interest. Firstly, if anyone is suffering from Alzheimer’s or someone you know, this may be of interest to you. Watch the video on this link:


Also, read this link in relationship to the video above.


If you have amalgam fillings in your teeth, or been exposed to mercury via vaccinations, etc. you may research on how mercury impacts on the body. Consult health care professionals like the klinghardtacademy.com for advice on how to effectively detox dangerous heavy metals like mercury from the body. I use a simple protocol for mercury detox, but my protocol will not be applicable for everyone. But here are some suggestions from the said academy on mercury, lead, aluminium, etc. detox:


Here again, is the video on chemtrails, I had posted before: It’s in German, with English subtitles. This all relates to the above links:

One thing I realised in my years of research and consultations with alternative health care professionals, is that, the body can’t heal or will struggle to heal, where heavy metals are present in the body. Thus it’s crucial to eliminate them from the body, before real healing can begin. There are many different ways to do this, therefore, it relies on every individual to tailor-make their own protocol and modalities, to mobilise, transport and excrete them, with the help of those professionals who know how it’s done, effectively.

You may also want to get the books on this link, which are life-saving, to say the least.


Wishing you all, health and well-being.




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