Revamp of my first two books

A post of few words, simply to introduce a relaunch of my first two books.

First book jacket     Second book jacket

Inspirational books that leads to self-development, life transformation and healing. Mind, body and spirit, reflection on life, family issues and karma.

Available now on amazon UK and US at cheaper prices. Featured on kindle, createspace and now on extended platforms of online books shops etc.. My third book on health will be out by the end of October. Excerpts/introductions for all three, are found under ‘categories’ or ‘recent posts.’ Will be grateful for any reviews, if you happen to buy one of my books.

Thanks for viewing. Many blessings 🙂

P.S. If anyone sees strange adverts at the bottom of my posts, they are not mine. Somehow the managers of wordpress allows for some adverts to appear on peoples’ posts, which we are not able to control. Something we have to tolerate as part of this free service.

28 thoughts on “Revamp of my first two books

  1. It is so nice to see your two books and its contents. I shall definitely make it a point to buy them.
    Only today I came to know your name after reading it on the cover of the books.
    You seem to know much of Hindu scriptures and the Indian culture.
    I am really happy to enter your ‘Ashrama’.
    All the best to your third Book.
    Please go through my latest two posts in which I have tried to write few poem like lines, as an expert you can read and comment there.
    Nice week end,
    Lots of Love

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    • Thank you kindly. Yes, I had a very special guru who had appeared in Bihar, but have departed this world at the mature age of 92 some years ago. He taught me everything, as well as I have visited and lived many places in India and read many Vedic shastras. Thank you for your kind wishes. Have a wonderful weekend, yourself.

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  2. Beautiful things you share, things which I have been interested in, since my childhood.

    I also see an article on Krishna and Christ which I plan on reading upon my next visits to your ashrama.

    May peace and serenity be on you dear friend

    Anand 🙂


  3. Best of luck with the relaunch and the new book! I love how you look at life, it’s inspirational to me. I can always tell by a person’s perspective of his or her place/role on earth if they’ve travelled or lived in other countries and really experienced life there. It’s amazing what a difference it makes.
    Keep doing what you do!


  4. wow thats amazing! you have written two books! congratulations! that is my goal….to write just one!! i will have to check your books out thank you for the information!


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